Rope a Dope

Now that the goblin cult’s leader lay dead the group whose name is TBD is finally able to lead the children back home. After the leaving the camp, TBD finds that their goblin captive is now their former captive.

TBD then decides to leave to… finally… get these kids home.

Once back at the human refugee camp the party, tentatively “Apple Bottom Dreams,” calls it a night as the children head back to their respective families. In the morning amid a heated discussion of a permanent name a group of goblins and hobgoblins came to the camp, this time in daylight, and lead from the rear by their captain.

During the battle the captain of the remaining goblinoids is attacked by the goblin spared on the previous day. With the cowardly captain slain it seems the goblin threat has been neutralized.

Trubs the goblin and Dertri offer up three suggestions for the party. Trubs wanted help driving back the gnolls who displaced the goblins, causing them to overflow to be near Revak Keep. Dertri has two friends who need help: a druid concerned about wielders of evil magic in his woods in elf territory and a halfling with barbarians and dragonborn practically knocking at his door.



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