Dertri Riina


Race Human
Class Fighter
Background Urchin
Sex Female
Age 24
Height 5’ 3"
Weight 130
Skin Fair
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown

Dertri, is a self-assured woman who moves with a purpose. She can be stubborn and blunt but she also has a heart that is obviously in the right place. Dertri has a tenancy to call a spade a spade, be it a good time or not. To her credit, however, she can be a very good judge of character. She is happy to engage in planning until she loses patience. She is ever aware the clock is ticking.


Dertri was born to a barbarian tribe. The life of pillaging, murdering, and driving innocent people from their homes by the town-ful didn’t sit well with her. She fled the tribe at 14 before she would be expected to partake in the savagery.

She ended up in Ashwood and was homeless and hungry until the age of 17 when she finally landed a job as a bar wench. But during her homeless years she had to do things to survive that she is not proud of. She hasn’t spelled out exactly what those things are though she has alluded to them.

Two years ago she met an adventurer and left the tavern. She became a skilled swords-woman in that time. She and the man she was adventuring with were taking a break in Ashwood when the invasion happened. Her partner was killed in the ensuing fight.

Dertri met you roughly a month ago and introduced you to a few individuals, all of whom are exceptional like you. Not being one to hide her intentions she is making moves to attempt to retake the human cities and stop the incursion into the world of mortals.

Dertri Riina

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