Using the Ropes

The party takes their watches outside the western camp. On third watch Bree notices an orange glow off in the distance. Training her attention in that direction, nothing more comes of it.

In the morning over breakfast, the party has a philosophical discussion about the wisdom in attempting to follow a possibly nonexistent trail of marbles. After it is decided that Germack is likely correct, the group follows Glurp as he tracks the goblins by the divots left by their nails.

After traveling for some time the group enters a region of very tall grass. Bree perceived the sound of running heading away from the group. The party pursued the sound only to be jumped by 3 goblins who immediately regretted that decision.

Therivol dispatched one goblin. Soon after Glurp, taking heed of Dertri’s advice from the previous day, knocked the second goblin unconscious. Gerick decided to recklessly place a Sleep spell such that its area would include several of his allies and himself. Luckily for everyone the third goblin was the only one to be affected.

After offing one of the two remaining goblins, the third becomes very afraid for his life. He guides the group to the goblin encampment and is left some distance away while the party does what it needs to do.



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