The Rope Course

After some discussion about the best way to go about liberating the children from the goblins, assuming they were still alive, the party finally decides to go in and take each group as it comes. The first group of goblins was in the middle of figuring out what happened to their friend. One of the goblins lay on the ground, dead and disarmed. In the goblins’ confusion the party takes it upon themselves to end the greenskins’ careers.

Two curious discoveries: in the unoccupied tents: empty cans of green paint and a rock with a chain embedded in it at one end and a small spherical cage at the other end.

After dispatching a second group of goblins the party finds a tunnel in one of the tents. They follow it down to find the children alive but green in a room with a goblin spellcaster of some sort and a makeshift altar with a glowing red gem hovering over it. Another fight later and all the goblins lie dead.



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