Elf Culture

Elf society is split between The Sun Empire and The Nocturnal Enclave. These two cities sometimes act together as one entity called The Corellon Sodality.

The Sun Empire

The high elves of Loelli Arae and Rau Visha comprise the Sun Empire. Both cities occupy territory in the plains on rivers to facilitate travel and trade. Loelli Arae is a theocracy run by the high priests. Rau Visha is a monarchy presently ruled by a queen and is the capital. There are also small towns and villages in the surrounding areas.

The Nocturnal Enclave

Wood elves make up this state. There is one city of huts and tree houses where most of the population resides called Trassa Chalae. Wood elves are more xenophobic than all the other civilized races. Trassa Chalae is governed by religious oligarchy. Who exactly rules is unknown.


Most drow are of poor moral character and live in the Underdark. Some drow, however, come to the surface to escape to a life that better suits their more benevolent (or not malevolent) nature. Drow tend to live away from The Corellon Sodality.

Elf Culture

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