Dwarf Society

There are three subraces of dwarfs. The Skygazers and Delvers are diplomatic with each other and trade. The Duergar are isolated and distrusted.

The Kingdom of Skygazers

The subrace called hill dwarfs live above ground in a city of stone and wood called Revak Keep. The city boasts a large industrial sector. It is governed by a monarchy currently headed by a king.

The Delvers’ Kingdom

Mountain dwarfs live in vast underground city dug into a mountain. This city, called Drek’mar Hold, is the original home of the dwarfs. There is a strong craftsman sector but most of the workforce is tied up in mining and refinement. Billet hold is militaristic and is ruled by a council of 5 generals.


Duergar, or gray dwarfs, live in the Underdark. Not much is known about them save for their evil nature.

Dwarf Society

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