Additional Information on Classes

The following information is in addition to the class descriptions in the PHB. If a class is not listed here there was nothing to add.


Most barbarians are humans or half-orcs from one of three tribes of the north. However, anyone of any race could be a barbarian. Usually these non-human and non-half-orc barbarians are loners.

When a large group of barbarians show up it almost always means they intend to attack. A lone or otherwise small number of barbarians might raise some eyebrows but if they don’t cause any trouble, the town guard doesn’t want any trouble.


The gods exist. People may worship one or more gods for their own reasons while maintaining disdain for others but only a fool doubts their existence.

Unless a cleric is an agent of an evil god, he or she can move about towns and cities with as much freedom as anyone else even if their patron isn’t favored in a certain location. For instance, a cleric of the dwarven god Moradin can still get a drink in an elven tavern.


Druids fall into three very loose circles: The Circle of the Land, The Circle of the Moon, and The Circle of Blight. These circles have no hierarchy and do not organize. Some druids group together in tighter cabals who might meet a few times a year that coincide with natural phenomena (eclipses and solstices and the like.)

Druids of the Circle of Blight are evil and seek to destroy nature. They are called blighters.


Monks train in monasteries: isolated complexes to the east of the recently destroyed human cities. Individuals who wish to become monks must first learn of the location of a monastery. This generally occurs when someone with potential is spotted by a monk. Once this is achieved he or she must travel for months (if on horseback) just to submit oneself to the trials. And not all succeed.

Those who do succeed emerge driven and contemplative people. Common folk find monks to be off-putting unless they get to know him or her.

The exact number of monasteries is not known but those with an interest agree there are likely less than ten.


Righteous destroyers of evil, paladins are viewed positively among the common folk. Few even realize Paladins exist who serve the interests of orders who are morally ambiguous. Paladin orders have chapter houses in major cities.

While clerics serve as agents of a god, paladins serve the ideals of their order. A paladin may worship one or more gods or none at all, but any he or she does would have dogma that at least doesn’t run counter to the goals of the order.

The paladin equivalent members of orders that have evil agendas are called blackguards. Paladins who have broken their oaths and are excommunicated are called oathbreakers.


Before the invasion, warlocks were not very open about their identities. Now they play it even closer to the chest. Many simply hide their arcane ability. If found out, they will often claim to be sorcerers. This can fool those who are not adventurers but people who are experienced enough or can cast arcane spells themselves know the difference.

Many warlocks are solitary people who perceive themselves as misfits. However, they will sometimes band together as misfits sometimes do.

Most commoners do not know what a warlock is but when they find out they are usually viewed as dangerous.


Wizards study the arcane arts in colleges most of which were in human cities. Now only a few colleges remain in elf cities and maybe in gnome villages.

The arcane colleges of human invention were bureaucratic. The different schools of magic each occupied their own department and competed with the other schools for funding and students. Wizards who were involved in these institutions seem to have a hard time letting go.

Elven arcane colleges are the same way though the elves imagine themselves above such petty conflict. In reality, they are just more subterranean about it.

Wizards of other races certainly exist but they travel to human or elf colleges for their schooling. Gnome wizards exist but do not train at these colleges leading people to believe they have their own colleges hidden away.

Additional Information on Classes

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