A Brief History

160 years ago The Reckoning ended. It was a terrible war between the four of the five main civilized races, dwarfs, elves, gnomes, and humans. The reasons the war started are no longer certain. During the 7 years of war many buildings containing records were destroyed. But those reasons do not matter now. Once friends and family are getting killed by your enemies all that matters is retribution.

In the time after The Reckoning relations between humans and the other races had improved. But the relations between the others have remained tenuous at best. Some dwarfs, elves, and gnomes, being longer lived than humans, who fought in or otherwise experienced The Reckoning are still alive. Many of them had been able to relax with regards to humans because all the humans who were around at the time have long since passed on.

However, tensions had stayed comparatively high among the other three races. And tensions have flared even within these communities. Claims of treason and anti-patriotism were rampant among the dwarfs, elves, and gnomes in the decades immediately following the war. Eventually, sub-races split off and created their own separate societies.

6 months ago the citizens of the three human cities all had to flee their homes. Unbeknownst to each other, evil forces arose from within each driving out its citizens. Only as they arrived at outskirts of the other human cities did they realize the gravity of their situation.

Desperate, they turned to the other civilized races. They have been allowed to set up camp. The non-humans are certainly skeptical, however.

A Brief History

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