End of the Rope

The party, still technically without name, decides to meet Milo the halfling in the north in an attempt to diffuse the barbarian/dragonborn problem. But first they handle in town business, selling the gem and other unneeded odds and ends and acquiring some horses.

After several weeks headed north to the halfling village of Greenshire the party is found by a lone tiefling named Zavan. Zavan, being a very open individual climbs up a tree when Bree notices him approaching and calls out, “Who goes there?” and starts spouting his life story and that he is an alcoholic.

Glurp doesn’t trust him and takes his weapons from him. However he gets them back when the party is attacked by a couple of yetis. After they are killed the party finds a man in a sack carried by one.

Rope a Dope

Now that the goblin cult’s leader lay dead the group whose name is TBD is finally able to lead the children back home. After the leaving the camp, TBD finds that their goblin captive is now their former captive.

TBD then decides to leave to… finally… get these kids home.

Once back at the human refugee camp the party, tentatively “Apple Bottom Dreams,” calls it a night as the children head back to their respective families. In the morning amid a heated discussion of a permanent name a group of goblins and hobgoblins came to the camp, this time in daylight, and lead from the rear by their captain.

During the battle the captain of the remaining goblinoids is attacked by the goblin spared on the previous day. With the cowardly captain slain it seems the goblin threat has been neutralized.

Trubs the goblin and Dertri offer up three suggestions for the party. Trubs wanted help driving back the gnolls who displaced the goblins, causing them to overflow to be near Revak Keep. Dertri has two friends who need help: a druid concerned about wielders of evil magic in his woods in elf territory and a halfling with barbarians and dragonborn practically knocking at his door.

The Rope Course

After some discussion about the best way to go about liberating the children from the goblins, assuming they were still alive, the party finally decides to go in and take each group as it comes. The first group of goblins was in the middle of figuring out what happened to their friend. One of the goblins lay on the ground, dead and disarmed. In the goblins’ confusion the party takes it upon themselves to end the greenskins’ careers.

Two curious discoveries: in the unoccupied tents: empty cans of green paint and a rock with a chain embedded in it at one end and a small spherical cage at the other end.

After dispatching a second group of goblins the party finds a tunnel in one of the tents. They follow it down to find the children alive but green in a room with a goblin spellcaster of some sort and a makeshift altar with a glowing red gem hovering over it. Another fight later and all the goblins lie dead.

Using the Ropes

The party takes their watches outside the western camp. On third watch Bree notices an orange glow off in the distance. Training her attention in that direction, nothing more comes of it.

In the morning over breakfast, the party has a philosophical discussion about the wisdom in attempting to follow a possibly nonexistent trail of marbles. After it is decided that Germack is likely correct, the group follows Glurp as he tracks the goblins by the divots left by their nails.

After traveling for some time the group enters a region of very tall grass. Bree perceived the sound of running heading away from the group. The party pursued the sound only to be jumped by 3 goblins who immediately regretted that decision.

Therivol dispatched one goblin. Soon after Glurp, taking heed of Dertri’s advice from the previous day, knocked the second goblin unconscious. Gerick decided to recklessly place a Sleep spell such that its area would include several of his allies and himself. Luckily for everyone the third goblin was the only one to be affected.

After offing one of the two remaining goblins, the third becomes very afraid for his life. He guides the group to the goblin encampment and is left some distance away while the party does what it needs to do.

Learning the Ropes
Session 1

To get the party started a meeting was arranged at a tavern called The Wandering Horde. Bree, Germack, Glurp, Humma, and Therivol all arrive to find their contact not yet present. Instead they find an inattentive staff and four openly belligerent patrons. While some dwarfs are accepting of outsiders, others are not it seems.

A fight breaks out. And while Humma finds some success, most of the work is done by Germack. Dertri walks in to see the second half of the conflict. After the group had effectively defended themselves, Dertri brings them to the shop and home of a blacksmith who is likely one of her friends.

Dertri tells the party of her plan: get the party notoriety so that they can receive help from others. This will hopefully allow them the means to curb, or even drive back, the incursion of evil planar outsiders.

The first step: put a stop to the goblin raids on the human refugees and, if possible, rescue their children.

Agreeing to this rough idea, the party is introduced to Hannah and Dertri leaves to attend to other matters. Glurp shows great empathy in talking to the woman and later a father of two of the kidnapped children.

Bree, inspecting the site where the kids were nabbed notices a single marble a distance away and in the direction the children were taken. She also finds tracks that confirm goblins running to the northwest.

After a discussion the group decides to go with Therivol’s suggestion to spend this night watching over the west encampment.


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